10 Must Have Tools For Your Kitchen

There are plenty of tools that every kitchen needs. Some obvious ones are a sink, an oven, or a stove top. But those tools are not the ones we are worried about in this article. The tools here are the must have tools that will take your kitchen from the standard to the top notch grade kitchen. You probably won’t be at the level of professional or commercial kitchens with the items on this list, but you’ll be on your way.

1. ​Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is a great tool to have in any kitchen because of how many functions it can serve. It can handle mixing, for sure, but it can also come in handy for whipping, blending, and much more. Plus it can handle a lot of food in its big standing bowl.​

2. A High-Quality Knife​

This might seem like an obvious one, but plenty of people get used to some old knife that might not be of the best quality. A high-quality knife not only means better cuts, but it’s safe too. A sharper, higher-quality knife is less likely to slip or get caught up on something tough. Which means you don’t have to apply much pressure or jerk the knife back and forth to get a cut, and those actions are typically the ones that lead to injuries in the kitchen.​

3. Knife Sharpener​

This is a good follow-up to the previous tool. A knife sharpener means that you don’t have to worry about buying a new knife every time yours start dulling. After all, this can be very expensive. Investing in a knife sharpener will save you lots of money and time considerably.

4. Slow Cooker​

Having a slow cooker in your kitchen will change how you work in the kitchen. It allows you to cook things for very long periods of time at very low temperatures. This can help to make meats extra tender, it can help with infusing foods with cooking juices, and it can just serve to keep foods warm.​

5. Corkscrew​

You never know how much you need a corkscrew until you need one and don’t have one. Considering how often recipes call for wine, don’t let yourself fall into that situation. Most corkscrews also have bottle openers on them, and you can even buy some that help you open other seals too. Spend a little extra and buy the corkscrew with multiple functions to keep your kitchen drawers from getting cluttered.

6. Blender​

​Blenders are for more than just making milkshakes and piña coladas. A high powered blender can help you makes sauces, pestos, immersions, and much more. You can even use some blenders as juicers, and that can bring a whole new component into your kitchen without adding another bulky piece of hardware.

7. Baking Sheet​

This one is an absolute requirement. Baking-sheets are those non-stick, no mess, perfect item that anyone who wants to do any serious baking needs. Do not enter your kitchen without one.

8. Professional Grade Tongs​

Tongs might seem like a silly addition to this list, but they can be very helpful. Many people just use them for mixing salads or turning things on the grill, but tongs are a great tool for delicate and high-temperature moving and adjusting of your food. Think of your tongs as an extension of your arm that can’t burn or get hurt. Now, don’t you want to make sure your tongs are high quality?​

9. Professional Grade Spatula​

​This is another tool you need in your kitchen that you should go ahead and pay the extra money for a high-quality version. A spatula is like your tongs, but your spatula is for even more delicate items like eggs, cakes, and more. A good spatula can handle any of these foods with no problems at all, but a spatula that is under par will make a mess in your kitchen. No one wants that.

10. Cast Iron Skillet​

Not everyone needs a cast iron skillet, but once you have one, you will be glad that you do. Cast iron skillets need to be taken care of and strictly maintained, and they require special handling, but all the extra work is worth it. A cast iron skillet can be used in a variety of situations, and you can use it to cook about anything you want. Plus, cast iron skillets absorb food particles and especially bring out the flavor of foods cooked in them. Believe me; you’ll be able to tell the difference between food prepared in a cast iron skillet and those made in a regular pan.​

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